Tetra barbs die within 4 days of purchase

It appears that tetra barbs are not suitable for a fish bowl
A pair of tetra barbs were purchased from an aquarium for Rs 50.
3 days later one tetra barb was found floating in the fish bowl.
The dead tetra barb was removed.
However the next day, the other tetra barb was also found floating in the water bowl
Compared to the gold fish, guppy bowl, the water in the bowl was fairly clear, yet the fish died.

Looking for spirulina powder type fish food suppliers

Hobbyist is looking for a reliable supplier of spirulina powder type fish food for various aquarium fishes like
– goldfish
– betta
– guppies
The seller should sell the fish food at a low cost in small packages costing Rs 50 or less
Fish food in the form of spherical granules is not preferred because some of the smaller fish like guppies are not able to swallow the larger granules and will die. The fish food should be in the form of powder or flakes
The fish food should also not get spoiled if exposed to the air for a longer period of time.

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Angel fish do not survive in fish bowls

As part of the research being carried out on low maintenance hardy fish available in Goa, the domain investor had purchased a pair of black and white angel fish from an aquarium in Tonca area for Rs 80 on 8 February 2018. The fish were kept in a bowl because different varieties fish will often attack each other if kept in a tank. However within two days, both the angel fish were found dead in the fish bowl.
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Fish sellers in Goa making Rs 800 daily

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The columnist said that many fish sellers from outside goa are making a lot of money in margao, and young goans looking for government jobs should consider doing this work.


Dark red betta siamese betta fish dies

The dark red betta siamese fighter fish died in the last week of January 2018. The google competitor had gone outstation and when she returned, the fish was still alive. However in the next week,. there was a lot of vandalisation and damage in the house, home intrusion allegedly by google associates like raw employee sex worker sunaina chodan, cbi employee naina
So it is not clear whether the fish had died of natural causes or was killed by the google associates
The google competitor had owned the fish for a fairly long period of time from August 2016 to January 2018 indicating that the fish can survive in difficult conditions

Fish survive for a week without feeding

Most people keep plants and fish at home , however one of the problems faced is that when they take a vacation or are away from home due to some reason, many of the plants will dry if not watered daily and the fish may starve to death, especially during summer.
However compared to most plants which are withered and dried because they were not watered for 7 days, the fish are in a better condition
Almost all the fish have survived for 7 days without being fed daily
The fish which survived include
– betta siamese fighter fish
– gold fish
– guppies
There are some holiday foods for fish available, which some fish appear to be eating when not fed daily

Catfish caught in lake in Campal

Compared to the monsoon, less people are fishing in the lake in campal, panaji, during summer and winter.
However some people continue to fish in the lake, usually with fishing rods
In January 2018, some people were spotted fishing in the lake with a big fishing net. One person was holding a net at one side, and the other person was holding the net at the other side of the lake.
When last checked they had caught one black colour catfish from the lake. Due to paucity of time, other fish caught could not be checked.

Red siamese betta fighter fish survives in fish bowl with dead cockroach

Most of the fish available in the market like guppies, platys, mollies, widow fish are not very hardy and will die in a few weeks or months. This can be frustrating for the fish owner, as the money they are spending on the fish is getting wasted, and they have to dispose off the dead fish
So one of the most hardy fish available in the market is the betta or siamese fighter fish
Not only has it survived for more than one year, it has managed to survive in very difficult conditions
In January 2018, the domain investor found that a dead cockroach was floating in the fish bowl with the betta fish
However after the dead cockroach was removed, the fish managed to remain unaffacted, and survived.

Few aquariums in panaji are keeping guppies

Guppies are some of the most popular aquarium fish in most metro cities, however it is observed that most aquariums in Panaji are not keeping any guppies in stock .
The reason why they are unable to do is not known, it could be because of the most fish are imported to goa from other states
An aquarium in panaji was keeping a few black guppies in stock a few months ago,however all the fish have disappeared
Guppies are usually fairly cheap fish, costing approximately Rs 50 a pair, however though the domain investor is visiting the fish stores regularly trying to find a supplier, she is finding that no one is keeping the guppies in stock

Swordtail fish not suitable for fish bowls

Of all the live bearer fish , swordtail fish are least suitable for keeping in a fish bowl. Most fish sellers are pricing the fish fairly cheap at Rs 50 a pair, however they do not survive for long in a fish bowl.
It is observed that most swordtail fish are living for less than a week in a fish bowl, while guppies and other fish will survive for 3-4 months without any major problems
The male swordtail fish have a long sword like structure and this could be hitting the surface of the glass bowl, reducing their life.
Anyone having success in breeding swordtail in a fish bowl , please contact