A Home for My New Pet

I went with a friend to a pet store because she wanted to buy some special food for her dog. While at the store, I walked past the section with the hamsters, and they looked so cute. They were running around on their little wheel and eating their food. Seeing those hamsters made me want to have a pet of my own. I thought about it for a few days, and decided to get one. I bought a cage and some other items from Hamster Cages Depot, and got a hamster from the same pet store.

It’s fun to see the hamster running around on its wheel, but I really enjoy watching it climb through the tubes that are attached to its home. I’ve arranged the tubes into a series of angled paths that go back to the main area of its home in a loop. Continue reading “A Home for My New Pet”

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Prices of fish for aquariums in Goa has increased

Due to unknown reasons, the prices of fish in aquariums in Goa has increased considerably in May 2018
In 2017, it was possible to purchase goldfish for as less as Rs 40 a pair
There were many other fish like mollies, angel fish which were available for Rs 40, Rs 50 or Rs 60 a pair
However in May 2018, one aquarium did not have any fish which cost less than Rs 80 a pair.
In another aquarium, the goldfish were priced at Rs 100 a pair

Otters causing losses to fishermen in Canacona

According to media reports,fishermen are blaming the otters for their losses in Canacona in the southern part of Goa
There are two different species of otters in Canacona, which has three rivers
The fishermen are claiming that the otters are eating the fish in the rivers, so they are catching less fish
These otters are also damaging the nets of the fishermen, so money has to spent repairing or replacing the nets. These otters are a rare species, so there restrictions on hunting the otters.

Fish for sale at Curtorim lake

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On 29/4/2018 , from a newspaper ad, the following fish were available for sale at Curtorim lake

Pet Shop owner disappears whenever google competitor appears

As many of the shops in Goa do not have enough stock, or charge a higher price for fishing supplies, the google competitor is usually shopping for fish supplies like fish food, spirulina ,vacation food when she is visiting Mumbai usually quarterly.
However in another example of how surveillance, memory reading of the harmless google competitor is not for national security, only for harassing her and anyone she is dealing with, she found it extremely difficult to purchase anything.
The shop owners had been intentionally told not to be in the shop when she approached the shop to make purchases.
In another pet shop in the same area, Pet Shop owner disappears when google competitor appears.
The pet shop owners are usually offering a good discount on mrp and their employees do not know the exact price
The google competitor made a total of three trips to the pet shop, trying to purchase some blood worms
However the pet shop owner was never there, he had gone out , only a few minutes ago
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More pet shop stories will be posted soon.

Google competitor asked for higher prices while shopping for fish supplies

As many of the shops in Goa do not have enough stock, or charge a higher price, the google competitor is usually shopping for fish supplies when she is visiting Mumbai once in every three months.
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The shop owners had been intentionally told not to be in the shop when she approached the shop to make purchases.
They had left their associates in the shop, who was charging a far higher price or whatever they felt like.
For example, food for tetras has a mrp of Rs 40, yet the person in the shop was charging Rs 50
Only when the mrp was indicated, he agreed to charge mrp

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Part time Fish cleaning job available

In goa, people complain about the lack of jobs, however it is often difficult to find suitable employees as many people are extremely lazy and status conscious,
In Mumbai, the low end jobs are rarely advertised in the english newspapers, however in goa, the low end jobs are also advertised, because the employers have no way to find suitable staff
In April there was an advertisement in a local english newspaper for a part time fish cleaning job at a fish shop in porvorim
The timings for the job was from 7.30 am to 1.30 pm
Salary was Rs 6000 monthly

It is better paying than working online, where a lot of money is being invested for very less income.

Anyone interested can send an email to info@textads.in