Fishbowls preferred compared to Aquariums

In areas where there is no reliable electricity or a shortage of space, it is advisable to purchase a fishbowl for keeping fish rather than have an aquarium. The aquairium tanks have a very elaborate system with lighting and a pump and require a electric power supply. In case the electric cable is cut or comes in contact with the water there is a possibility of a short circuit .
Only for very large fish it is recommended to get an aquarium as the bowls are available only in small sizes. The cost of a fishbowl is also far lower than the price of an aquarium. Usually a aquarium will cost at least Rs 3000 while a fish bowl will cost far less if sourced properly
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Guppies die quickly in goa

In most aquarium guides available, guppies are highly recommended as easy to keep fish . However in goa, over a period of time it is observed that the guppies are dying very quickly . A total of 15 fishes were purchased and almost all fish have survived for at least a few months, only three guppies have died
A total of four guppies were purchased , two from Mumbai in January 2017, and two from goa in February 2017
The two guppies from Goa died rather mysteriously within a month, while only guppy from Mumbai survives till date.
The guppy from Mumbai travelled a very long distance, yet it survived without major problems for nearly two months, while the guppies from goa died. It appears that many guppy keepers in goa are also facing the same problem, a report in times of india was also discussing the death of the three guppies
Any precautions to prevent the death of guppies in goa, will be greatly appreciated.

Catching fish in ponds, lakes

Though most of the fish available are from the sea, during monsoon, when trawler fishing will be restricted due to rough weather conditions, fish from other sources like lakes, ponds and rivers will be in demand as the supply from conventional sources will be extremely limited.

Fishing can be a relaxing hobby for many, and there are different types of fishing rods available. Some of the most popular fish in lakes,ponds are the catfish, and the African catfish is a commonly found spiecies. However eating fish from highly polluted areas can be very risky, as the water may contained toxic chemicals and metals , which can cause health problems.

While there are a number of baits available, earthworms are popular with young children, who enjoy fishing in nearby areas during monsoon.

Fish farming

To counter the problem in some countries, fish farming and shrimp farming is encouraged in some places where fish are introduced in water bodies to provide an alternative source of fish. Catching thse fish will be far cheaper than catching fish in a river or sea.

During summer, the water in lakes and ponds evaporate, and it is easier to catch the fish in the water body . It also appears that in summer, these fish farmers are selling the fish in lakes and ponds which are drying up. They will usually advertise the fish for sale, in the local newspapers.

However there are reports that fish, particularly shrimp farming can damage the environment, and the fish are liable to be affected by some diseases if proper precautions are not taken.

Variation in fish prices

There are many fish vendors who sell fish from door to door, however the price of the fish can vary depending on the variety of fish and the fish vendor. Expensive fish like pomfret can cost Rs 200- Rs 300 per fish, while relatively inexpensive fish like mackerel cost Rs 15-Rs 20 per piece. The vendors who are cleaning the fish are usually charging a higher price

There are some apps and websites for ordering fish online. However cleaning and cooking the fish can be time consuming,preparing the masala, so a person with less free time, may prefer to order fish from a restaurant or hotel. Frying fish can take less time, however the fish is less tasty.

There are also some small businesses which are selling marinated ready to cook fish, with pricing depends on the weight of the fish.

Fish dishes

In Panaji, the price and quality of a fish thali or fish dish can vary considerably depending on where the fish will be purchased and how much the restaurant owner is being harassed. At present 4 fish restaurants in panaji,goa have been researched for their fish thali. A mackerel thali (lunch) will usually cost less than a prawn, kingfish or mackerel lunch. In June, a restaurant in panaji was offering a fish thali for Rs 60, and in July the same restaurant was offering the same thali for Rs 70 and gave very few pieces of fish. Another restaurant charges Rs 80 for a mackerel lunch thali. The most expensive fish curry in panaji, goa till date cost rs 180 for a mackerel curry.

The price of the fish curry depends on the quality of the rice being used, quantity of fish supplied and packaging. In some places a single fried mackerel will be supplied, in other restaurants more fish pieces will be supplied. The cost of fish curry remains higher than a fried fish. One of the features of most of the restaurants is that fish is only supplied between 12 noon(or 12.30) to 3.30 pm during the day, and they do not supply the fish at other times, so it is not convenient for those who are in panaji for a short period of time.

It is advisable to get the fish packed as a parcel, so that it can be eaten over a period of time.

Fishing in rivers, sea

In most coastal areas,fish are an integral part of the diet, however increasingly fish is becoming extremely expensive and difficult to find due to a variety of reasons.

As technology has advanced, it is far easier for fishermen to catch all the fish which is naturally available in a particular area in the same period of time using radar technology to find their exact location. Since there is little regulation of fishing, many fishermen who are only interested in short term gains, are catching all the fish available in the area with the latest technology and equipment, leaving very few fish in the sea or river for breeding.

In Western countries, the leaders are more far sighted, less greedy and they have implemented rules fairly strictly, so the fish like salmon are flourishing. When almost all fish are being caught, the fish catch in the next year will be naturally less.

Dead and sleeping fish

One of the main problems faced by those keeping fish as pets is that a fairly large number of fish will die after a few weeks or a few months. Most fish are supposed to live for one or two years, however smaller fish like guppies will die after a few weeks. Usually the dead fish will float at the top of the aquarium or fish bowl where the fish is being kept as the density of the fish body is less than water.
The position of the dead fish will not change over a period of time. The dead fish are not to be confused with sleeping fish , which are resting at the bottom of the fish bowl, tank or aquarium.
The dead fish can be used as a fertilizer for the plants in the garden

Hunting for processed, cooked fish, aquarium fish

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