Large number of big tilapia caught in lake in campal, panaji

In panaji, it is far more profitable fishing in a lake than doing work online, especially advertising and content writing.
For example on 6 June 2019, the domain investor, personally observed some boys fishing in the lake in campal,panaji, goa with very basic fishing equipment like nylon wire, and fishing hook
Within 10 minutes they had caught 3-4 big tilapia fish.
The fish were fairly large more than 20 cm in length
According to the boys fishing, 3 fish are sold for Rs 200 in the panaji market

So clearly if a person is only interested in making money, working online is a big waste of time, fishing in the lake or river will be more profitable.

Children like to keep fish as a hobby

Many children like to keep cats and dogs at home as pets. However their parents will usually refuse, because a lot of effort is required to take care of these pets. The other option for the child is to keep a low maintenance pet
Turtles are fairly low maintenance, they are not easy to find.
Fish also require less care compared to cats and dogs, however they are likely to die quickly.
Goldfish and guppies are considered to be the best pets for children.

Fish restaurant shuts down

In Mumbai, it is observed that multiple fish restaurants have closed
In January 2019, the restaurant was open and taking orders, in April 2019, it was closed, and replaced by an ice cream parlour
One of the reasons could be that they are located in residential areas
In families where women do not have a job, they will purchase fresh fish and cook it for lunch and dinner
So many people are not purchasing food from the fish restaurant
There are many job opportunities, so the people working there may not have made enough money selling fish and other food.

Quality and price of fish depend on how posh the restaurant is

In the last 3 months, the domain investor has sampled fish from three different restaurants in Goa and Mumbai. It is observed that the price of the fish will depend to a large extent on how posh the restaurant is.
Most of the posher restaurants are charging Rs 150 or more for a fish thali while more inexpensive restaurants are charging less than Rs 100 for a fish thali

Goa has some of the more inexpensive restaurants for fish, especially in Panaji for a person who is willing to check out smaller non posh restaurants, while in Mumbai, fish are expensive, costing Rs 150 at least for a fish plate.

In Mumbai, restaurants on the main road are also more expensive like in Goa.
There is less demand for fish restaurants in Mumbai, and one restaurant on the main road in north east mumbai was closed in January 2019

Local restaurants no longer supplying fish because of fish shortage

In december 2018, some of the local restaurants in panaji, goa were selling fried fish to customers.
The fish was extremely affordable, the customer could ask for fish depending on his or her budget, for Rs 20, Rs 30, or Rs 40 worth of fish.
This was a very good deal, because the customer was saved the trouble of cleaning and cooking the fish.
Many people were purchasing these fried fish, which were available around afternoon.
However in January 2019, the restaurants are no longer selling these fish
The domain investor has enquired repeatedly and a staff said that they are unable to get fish.

Fish from Karwar worth Rs 4-6 lakh seized and destroyed in Goa

The controversy over fish and their safety continues in Goa, with the newspapers reporting that a consignment of fish from Karwar in Karnataka worth Rs 4-6 lakh was seized in goa. The seized fish was sent to the Saligao waste treatment plant and destroyed.
This has led to a lot of resentment in Karwar.
The newspapers reported that trucks carrying fish from Goa to Kerala which pass through Karwar close to the goa karnataka border have their tires deflated. Now the fish owners in goa are worried that the vehicles will get damaged when passing through Karnataka on their way to Kerala
So they have suspended the transport of fish from Goa to Kerala and it is causing losses to fishermen in Goa.

Second sunset platy dies after three months

A pair of sunset platys had been purchased in September 2017, One of the sunset platys died soon afterwards while the second one survived.
However in december 2017, the second sunset platy was also found floating at the top of the water in the fish bowl due to unknown reasons
After some time, the fish had disappeared and the water will have to be cleaned.
The sunset platy was kept with goldfish, which continue to survive
So clearly platys, especially sunset platys are not very tough fish, suitable for living in fish bowl,as they die quickly

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Fishermen from other states, blocking export of fish from goa

After the goa government imposed a lot of restrictions on import of fish to goa, now those who sell fish from goa are facing problems, especially in the neighboring states of Karnataka and Maharashtra
Many of the fish caught in goa, like tuna, ribbon fish are not consumed locally in goa, they are exported to other states.
Since goa is a major importer of fish from other states, the fishermen in these states have been adversely affected.
So the vehicles of fish exporters from goa have been stoned and damaged in other states.
In some cases, the fish exporter vehicles from goa were blocked at the border checkpost according to media reports

Goan government bans import of fish from November 12, 2018

The newspapers reported that the goan government has announced a ban on the import of fish to goa from November 12, 2018 after the scare caused by finding formalin in fish in July 2018.
This is likely to increase the price of fish in goa, especially during the peak tourist season in Goa, which starts in October 2018.
Now those who eat fish regularly will mostly have to pay more for the fish
Based on the data provided in Times of India, the amount of fish caught in goa in 2017, was less than the fish in 2016, so the prices are likely to increase
This is allegedly part of the government strategy to ensure that money earned in goa, is spent in goa, it does not go to other states.

However instead of sending fish in trucks and tempos which are intercepted at the border, now the fish sellers from other states are allegedly sending their fish to goa in the many Mumbai to goa buses. These buses are intercepted and the fish are seized by officials . However the seized fish are then sent to the saligao waste treatment plant, which is major waste of fish. It would be interesting to find how other states are reacting to the ban on the sale of their fish.

Maharastra MLA threatens to damage Goa registered vehicles if fish truck entry is restricted

After the formalin in fish controversy in July 2018, the goa government made it compulsory for all fish traders from outside Goa to register with the FDA if they wanted to do do business in Goa. This was implemented from October 25, 2018, and some fish traders from Margao found that their trucks could not enter goa.

The prices of fish like mackerel, sardine in the local market have also increased due to the limited supply of the fish in the goan market, since mainly local suppliers are providing the fish. The media has also reported that the fish traders are claiming that 10000 people will lose their livelihood due to the ban, and there will be a 20% decline in the fish exports from goa.

Now according to media reports in the times of India, a Maharashtra MLA, Nilesh Rane, from Kankavli has threatened to damage goa registered vehicles, if the fish trucks from Sindhudurg in his constituency are not allowed to enter Goa.
He is also claiming that he will set up a fish market in Banda on the Goa Maharashtra border, if the restrictions on fish trucks continue.