Quality and price of fish depend on how posh the restaurant is

In the last 3 months, the domain investor has sampled fish from three different restaurants in Goa and Mumbai. It is observed that the price of the fish will depend to a large extent on how posh the restaurant is.
Most of the posher restaurants are charging Rs 150 or more for a fish thali while more inexpensive restaurants are charging less than Rs 100 for a fish thali

Goa has some of the more inexpensive restaurants for fish, especially in Panaji for a person who is willing to check out smaller non posh restaurants, while in Mumbai, fish are expensive, costing Rs 150 at least for a fish plate.

In Mumbai, restaurants on the main road are also more expensive like in Goa.
There is less demand for fish restaurants in Mumbai, and one restaurant on the main road in north east mumbai was closed in January 2019

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