Pet Shop owner disappears whenever google competitor appears

As many of the shops in Goa do not have enough stock, or charge a higher price for fishing supplies, the google competitor is usually shopping for fish supplies like fish food, spirulina ,vacation food when she is visiting Mumbai usually quarterly.
However in another example of how surveillance, memory reading of the harmless google competitor is not for national security, only for harassing her and anyone she is dealing with, she found it extremely difficult to purchase anything.
The shop owners had been intentionally told not to be in the shop when she approached the shop to make purchases.
In another pet shop in the same area, Pet Shop owner disappears when google competitor appears.
The pet shop owners are usually offering a good discount on mrp and their employees do not know the exact price
The google competitor made a total of three trips to the pet shop, trying to purchase some blood worms
However the pet shop owner was never there, he had gone out , only a few minutes ago
Can the NSA or any government employee explain how shopping for aquarium supplies is a matter of national security, that the pet shop owners in Mumbai are being harassed for dealing with the google competitor.
More pet shop stories will be posted soon.

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