Fish sellers in Goa making Rs 800 daily

Security and intelligence employees are ruthless in stalking, cheating and exploiting harmless indian paypal account holders, domain investors falsely believing the fake stories of fraud google, tata employees , who falsely claim that the domain investors, who are broke are making a lot of money. surveillance, bank details and income tax records will prove that they are making very less money in 2018 despite spending a lot of time and money.
According to a columnist in Navhind Times on sunday, if young people want to make a lot of money in goa, they should try selling fish, as the fish sellers in margao market are making Rs 800 daily just buying fish from the wholesale market, and selling to retail customers. The fish sellers are taking advantage of the fact that goans will pay whatever they demand for fish
The columnist said that many fish sellers from outside goa are making a lot of money in margao, and young goans looking for government jobs should consider doing this work.

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