betta fish survive for one year

Though they are not very active like guppies, goldfish, tetras, the betta fish are extremely hardy and can survive for a long period of time in a fish bowl with almost no maintenance and other feeding and changing the water.
A red betta fighter fish was purchased in August 2016, and it has survived for one year, without any major problem in a 4 inch bowl. Almost all other kinds of fish like gold fish, guppies, mollies, neon tetra fish, platys, sucker fish have died within a year, though they were in a larger fish bowl.

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Goldfish, sucker fish die suddenly

It appears that larger fish cannot survive changes in temperature. In August, the rains had stopped for a few days and both the gold fish and sucker fish appear to have died quickly and suddenly .
The reason for their death is not known, the fish had lived for more than 6 months without any major problem
However the Fighter Betta fish has survived and completed 1 year in a small bowl indicating that they are very hardy
The guppies,platyfish and neon tetra are surviving

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