Few transporting fish to other states in India

From personal experience , it is fairly simple to transport fish from one state to another in India, especially by air and the fish are fairly hardy. However after spending a lot of time trying to find a supplier of guppies who can supply these guppies to panaji, goa, it appears that most online sellers are only selling locally. The only websites supplying fish all over india have a high minimum order value, aquariumfishindia.com will deliver for orders of at least Rs 8000 and bunnycart.com Rs 600 and only delivers to railway stations
In small towns like panaji, almost no one is stocking guppies, mollies, swordfish, platyfish , 3 aquariums have been contacted repeatedly and no one has these fish in stock
As Indian society becomes americanized, it will be more difficult to trust other people and people will spend more money and time on their pet fish and other animals

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