Few transporting fish to other states in India

From personal experience , it is fairly simple to transport fish from one state to another in India, especially by air and the fish are fairly hardy. However after spending a lot of time trying to find a supplier of guppies who can supply these guppies to panaji, goa, it appears that most online sellers are only selling locally. The only websites supplying fish all over india have a high minimum order value, aquariumfishindia.com will deliver for orders of at least Rs 8000 and bunnycart.com Rs 600 and only delivers to railway stations
In small towns like panaji, almost no one is stocking guppies, mollies, swordfish, platyfish , 3 aquariums have been contacted repeatedly and no one has these fish in stock
As Indian society becomes americanized, it will be more difficult to trust other people and people will spend more money and time on their pet fish and other animals

Guppy, Molly, swordtail, platyfish, mosquito fish suppliers wanted

Hobbyist interested in purchasing the following aquarium fish for breeding and review
Mosquito fish
Will purchase regularly. Interested in purchasing 3-4 females for each male.
Also wish to purchase aquarium plants
Looking for low cost suppliers of the fish, aquarium plants
Please indicate your prices for 3-4 female, 1 male for each fish variety and other terms and conditions . Please send email to info@textads.in

Breeding aquarium fishes

Since google, tata are ruthless in causing great losses to paypal account holders to acquire talent and technology cheaply, there is no point in spending more money and time online, as it will only increase the profit of google, tata, as their employees are like cruel animals devoid of humanity and honesty shamelessly cheating, defaming and exploiting. It is better to spend the same time and money on other activities, at learn something new which google, tata are not interested in. For example breeding fishes can be a good hobby, for a person who finds that spending time and money online, is only causing losses, due to google, tata’s endless frauds promoting cheaters, sex workers like R&AW/CBI employees nayanshree hathwar, siddhi mandrekar, goan gsb fraud extortionist housewife riddhi nayak with ntro, cbi employees the greatest frauds in the world.
Spending Rs 300+ on a domain will often give zero revenues and the fraud google, tata, security agency employees will falsely label the domain investor as a security threat without any proof to defame, cheat and exploit
On the other hand, spending Rs 300 on fish for breeding, especially live bearers is better than investing in domain names, a person with almost no experience can breed fish within a few months after spending some time, and these fish can be resold.
It is a good hobby for children also, something they can be taught to do in their free time. It is also more satisfying than having tata, ntro, cbi employees block almost all payment, close the account, wasting the time daily.

Milkfish, gholshi sold by fisheries department

On 23 June 2017, Milkfish (chanos chanos), gholshi were sold by fisheries department in goa at a lower rate from the directorate of fisheries head office in panaji, goa on a first come, first serve basis. The fish were sold at a lower rate at Rs 200 per kg and the offer was valid till stocks last,This is the second time the milkfish was being sold at a lower rate by the fisheries department.
At around 10.45 am 23 June 2017, people were spotted queuing outside the fisheries department to purchase the fish
From offline media sources

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