Young boy fishing precariously in the lake

Unless there is a major uprising like the farmers unrest, the mainstream media in India is often ignoring the rampant poverty in India that many people are making very less money and have no opportunities, despite being willing to work very hard . Now in monsoon, poor people are using earthworms to catch fish from a lake .
On 17 June 2017, a young boy who was less than 10 years old was using a nylon wire, hook, thermocol and earthworm as bait for fishing in a lake in panaji, goa. He was not speaking anything, and was standing extremely precariously on the walls of the lake while fishing. The grey fish which were like pomfret which he caught were put in a black plastic bag. he appeared to have caught 3 fish from the lake on 16 June 2017, and the fish were still alive, thrashing in the black plastic bag,
This life of a young boy contrasts with life of upper middle class young men and women who use the same place to smoke, enjoy with their girlfriends, boyfriends, drink bottles of beer, and dump them there.

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