Suckerfish kills koi fish

While purchasing and keeping fish it is important to know which fish can survive in the same tank, other many of the expensive fish will die or be killed fairly soon. The suckerfish keeps the tank clean, so it was put in a tank with a koi fish. However within 24 hours of being kept in the same fish bowl, the suckerfish killed the koi fish. The discoloured koi fish was found floating on top in the bowl
The koi fish had lived for nearly 6 months without any problem at all, though the water was becoming cloudy
The fish and the bowl was stinking due to the dead fish and the water had become extremely cloudy
A chocolate molly was kept in the same bowl, and survived for 24 hours, however to keep it safe it was transferred to another fish bowl.
In an aquarium, the suckerfish is surviving with a large number of fish, only in the fish bowl, some of the fish are dying quickly

Goldfish better than dogs as pets

Many people who are single and living alone keep dogs as pets for company and entertainment.However compared to dogs, gold fish are better pets, as they are comparatively low maintenance and do not cause much damage to the rest of the house unlike dogs who may bite the furniture, furnishing, fabric or people.
Like dogs they can detect when their owner has come to the house, and they will start jumping in their bowl when the owner is entering the room, as they will get food soon.
Dogs cannot be left alone in the house, when the owner is away for 5-6 days, someone has to make the necessary arrangement. However it is observed that goldfish are surviving without any problem when the pet owner is away.

Keeping fish for dealing with organized stalking

Dealing with organized stalking can be a very traumatic experience, the person loses confidence in themselves and others also, as almost everyone will betray the targetted person. One of the best ways to deal with stalking is to keep pet fish, which are a good source of entertainment and relaxation. Most people think twice about keeping fish, because they do not have the confidence that the fish will survive in the aquarium.
However it is observed that most fish will live for at least a few months , when kept in a fish bowl, without much care. The life span of the fish depends to a large extent on the species of fish, some fish last for a year or more, others live for a far longer time.
After having enough experience keeping fish , the fish owner can think about breeding the fish, and also keeping other pets at home like birds. Selling pet food, accessories can be a very lucrative business