Guppies die quickly in goa

In most aquarium guides available, guppies are highly recommended as easy to keep fish . However in goa, over a period of time it is observed that the guppies are dying very quickly . A total of 15 fishes were purchased and almost all fish have survived for at least a few months, only three guppies have died
A total of four guppies were purchased , two from Mumbai in January 2017, and two from goa in February 2017
The two guppies from Goa died rather mysteriously within a month, while only guppy from Mumbai survives till date.
The guppy from Mumbai travelled a very long distance, yet it survived without major problems for nearly two months, while the guppies from goa died. It appears that many guppy keepers in goa are also facing the same problem, a report in times of india was also discussing the death of the three guppies
Any precautions to prevent the death of guppies in goa, will be greatly appreciated.

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